rolety zewnętrzne

System of external roller shutters which offer AM Okna is a universal system that allows flexible adaptation of the roller shutter box to the individual needs.


External roller shutter system is made of highest quality PVC with use of environmentally friendly lead-free stabilizers and can be equipped with integrated mosquito nets or electric control.


System has been designed based on many years of experience and knowledge by experts and practitioners of the roller shutter industry, meeting all the needs and demands set for such products by the modern market.


Simple and intuitive roller shutter system. In pursuit of technical perfection, we have not forgotten the visual side of the product and of the quality of all the components. AM Okna provides external roller shutter for all types of buildings in different versions.


Protection against temperature fluctuations


Window with roller shutters can significantly help to reduce the thermal inertia of the room and have better protection against heat loss. This significantly decreases the cost of heating - the savings can be as high as 40%. During the summer, lower the shutters on the windows in rooms with high exposure to sunlight prevents excessive heating of the premises. This in effect is solved by cooling the temperature to a comfortable level, which also translates into significant savings.


Sound insulation


In the case of buildings located in areas with high traffic, such as railway stations, airports etc. noise protection is becoming increasingly important. Properly mounted roller shutters may reduce the level of the interior sounds, even by several decibels.




Outdoor blinds allow you to effectively protect yourselves from prying eyes of outsiders. This solution guarantees a clear separation zone of privacy and isolation from the outside world.


AM Okna roller shutters is the best choice for everyone who values modern protective solutions.

Mosquito net, Fly & Insect screens


Clients interested in only mosquito nets do not need buy roller shutters. To covers the clients needs to only make protection against insects AM Okna have in the offert:

  • frame mosquito nets (installation is very simple and without drilling in the window frame)
  • horizontal or vertical sliding screens
  • hinged door screen
  • sliding insect screen for doors

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