Glass- General

We can offer every glass from Glassolutions Saint-Gobain, but we will write here only about bestsellers.

SGG ANTELIO is a sunreflecting glass with solar reflective properties.

SGG SATINOVO When the glass is etched with a special acid,it becomes dull the surface and resemble a sandblasted glass.The difference is that the etched glass is difficult to clean from dirt or grease. The surface is matt.

E-GLAS When you want to lead natural light into the building,with good comfort without cold drafts. When you want a glass roof that melts snow.E-glass is the actively insulating transform electricity into heat.The glass heats outwards or inwards,melt snow,prevents condensation and acts as a heat source. We stand for the opportunities.You for a light and comfortable environment.

DECORGLASS the family name of a large number of uncoloured or colored ornamental glass.This type of glass is also called sheet glass slides although today pulled forward and patterned between two rolls

LEDinGlass is a living glass thanks to the dynamic interplay of light and colors. LEDinGlass offers endless opportunities both inside and out, and create dynamic interactive architecture. It focuses on design and communication structures (walls, facades).

SGG VISION LITE - Anti-reflective glass with minimal reflection only produced as laminated glass. The observer does not interfere with light reflections or reflected in the glass elements of the environment. Very low reflection (eight times lower than in the case of ordinary glass).


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