Ideal 4000 with glazing bars

Ideal 4000 with glazing bars

Windows and doors system which work perfectly in any weather conditions. This time our windows were installed at an investor in Leipzig, Germany.

The IDEAL 4000 system - universal in its applications, works well in both modern single- and multi-family buildings as well as in renovations where it is often not possible to enlarge the window opening. Thanks to the possibility of lowering the height of the frame and the sash, it allows to increase the area of the glazing, thus allowing more light in the rooms, and the multi-chamber design guarantees high thermal and acoustic insulation.

In our offert you can find three general types of glazing bars:

  • Glued on the glass
  • Inner the glazing
  • Glued on the glass and also with aluminium or swisspacer frame in every glass chamber.

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